My Poems

Below are a sample of some of the poems from my collection. Please do not repost or share these without crediting.

Trials and tribulations of a tireless teenager 
Growing up I was as excitable as a labrador puppy,
always running from one accident to the next,
falling off rusty bikes and rickety tree swings.
The first aid box and a mischievous grin were never far away.
I spent more time in A&E than after school clubs,
collecting scars in the way friends collected stickers and stamps.
I had no limits, thought I was indestructible.
An energetic child became a risk taking teen.
And one brutal winter it was this brazen bravado that got me in trouble.
Whilst sledging.
In a pair of jeans.
What a mistake that was.
All those stitches, bruises and plaster casts from my earlier years,
were messages I choose to ignore.
Only becoming clear whilst my frozen jeans were surgically removed.
Yet again in A&E, this time fighting for survival.
Rock up and roll 20 poems for 20 years

Join the dots
I lie rigid in bed.
Too terrified to move.
Crisp hospital sheets on top of me.
As white as snow.
The snow which caused the accident that put me here.
My eyes fixed straight up,
lost in the tiny holes in the ceiling tiles.
My own galaxy of stars.
My library, my cinema.
I saw fantastical creatures, pirates on the ocean, World Cup winning goals.
For two weeks I had my dots.
A distraction from the horror around me,
from the groans and despair of my neighbours on life support.
I lost myself in the ceiling, the only way to get through a day.
My dots.
My means of escape.
Rock up and roll 20 poems for 20 years

I felt a boiling rage,
at no longer being able to feel.
Empty, unsure what to do.
It was your strength that made me strong.
I feel again.

Rock up and roll 20 poems for 20 years

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